The World of Multiemployer Benefit Funds Podcast Features
Leading Authorities Of The Industry

Have you ever wondered or had a question about multiemployer benefit funds? Well, it’s hard to find answers. That’s why we decided to change that. Join Traci Dority-Shanklin, the union lady with over 25 years experience managing Taft-Hartley funds, as she interviews top financial experts and key decision-makers who help take the mysteries out of these funds. Are you the seasoned trustee, consultant, or investment manager looking to supplement your knowledge? Or the novice wanting to learn more about the inner-workings of your retirement, vacation, or health and wealth fund? If your answer is “yes,” then you’ve landed in the right place. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us. We’re always looking for fresh podcast ideas and new professionals to interview.

In these podcasts, you will find discussions about:

  • Taft-Hartley
  • Pension Reform
  • Retirement, and Health & Welfare Benefits
  • Target Date Funds
  • OCIO
  • Butch-Lewis Act
  • Unions (i.e.) UFCW, Carpenters, Longshoremen
  • Black Lives Matter and Supplier-diversity
  • Covid-19 and the Impact of Coronavirus
  • Personal Stories from Luminaries and Leaders
  • Wall Street

Meet Stephen McCourt, Managing Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer or Meketa Investment Group

Meet Stephen McCourt, who is a Managing Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Meketa Investment Group. Steve serves as the lead consultant for several institutional, public, Taft-Hartley, endowment, and non-profit funds.   

This episode is packed with a lot of essential thoughts as we all navigate the economic and business disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the highlights are:

  • How Multi-Employer plan trustees are handling yet another economic crisis.
  • Steve’s insights on how this disruption is shifting the execution of Multi-Employer plans meetings and reporting.
  • The adoption and future reliance on technology solutions for all fund business.
  • The likely shift in the way Multi-Employer plans will be conducting the funds business going forward.  
  • And much more!

Meet Jason Russell, Senior Vice President Segal Consulting

Meet Jason Russell, who is a senior vice president and actuary with Segal and works with multi-employer pension plans across the country. Jason deals with a wide range of benefit plans, both healthy and distressed, in various industries.

Our conversation is about the immediate need to reform Defined Benefit Plan regulations. Jason explains the various proposals that could provide much-needed aid to sustain multi-employer plans. Not surprisingly, the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has heightened the need to include these plans in one of the proposed stimulus packages.  

Before the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there was 130 plan in critical-declining status with another 200 in critical condition. Jason explains the potential macroeconomic impact due to the strain on social safety nets in America if too many of these plans go insolvent. For additional information on the macroeconomic impact visit:

NCCMP: Cost of doing nothing

Central States economic impact

Meet Brian Schroeder from

Increasingly, plan sponsors are redefining their investment consulting relationships by affording the consultant discretionary authority over investment decisions.  This concept is known as Outside Chief Investment Officer or OCIO.  As this is a relatively new development within the Taft-Hartley sector, we have asked Brian Schroeder of OCIO Monitor to provide some background on the trend and talk about how to evaluate the services provided by the consultant.

For a list of OCIO search providers, email Traci at

Meet Trevor Shanklin, a District Union Representative with the UFCW Local 8

While our podcast usually focuses on fund trustees and professionals, we thought it would be useful to get insight from someone working directly with plan participants on a daily basis.  Trevor Shanklin, union representative for UFCW Local 8, talks about how plan benefits are helping members cope with the financial challenges we all face today.  We hope you will listen in to hear this unique perspective.

Meet Ron Surz, President of Target Date Solutions

Is it right just because everybody is doing it?  How much is too much?

Ron Surz, President of Target Date Solutions, has a long and distinguished career in institutional investment management and consulting. We asked Ron to participate in the Multi-Employer Benefit Fund Podcast to share his unique perspective on target date funds and the glide paths that various firms are using today.  Ron’s research suggests that the amount of risk these portfolios are exposed to around the time participants are retiring (both before and after) should be of great concern to plan sponsors and participants.  He provides compelling information to support his assertion and we think it deserves attention and discussion among trustees and their advisors.

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