Traci chats with retired CEO of Marco Consulting, Jack Marco, about his humble Chicago roots; his work with Senator Abner Mikva and the founding of the Mikva Challenge. The Mikva Challenge launched its pilot-program in the 1998-99 school year. Now, the Mikva Challenge transforms over 50,000 young people across three states with a curriculum of civics coupled with leadership skills and political participation.

Some highlights from Democracy is a Verb include:

01:30 – The Humble Beginning

03:50 – Meeting Abner Mikva

06:39 – The Mikva Challenge Begins…

09:53 – Mikva Challenge and the 2020 Election

13:33 – “Project Soapbox”

15:23 – Being Aggressive About Diversity

22:01 – Mikva Challenge Success Stories

24:56 – “Chicago Wears Condoms”